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RENT a HandyMan

A good Handyman is a price "God sent". You get one man that does most things for just one service call.

If each service call is $100+ and you have 50 little things around the house to do, it can get expensive if you must call different contractors for different jobs.

There are times you'll still have to call those licensed tradesmen but not for everything around the house.

It's your call. Why pay more!


Many of my jobs are co-op Reno's. That is I assist the man of the house as an extra hand and an expert adviser what you can and can't do.  What works and what won't ! If you can do 10-50 % of the work that's money into your pocket and will make the wife happy that it can and WILL GET DONE. If you have more time than money, maybe this can work for you too. Look at it as on hands training, you learn more and get it done right the first time too.


If you need to sell your house fast and for the most money, it needs to be "move-in ready". That means all repairs must be done and all painted for the new buyer.

The buyer does not want to do any fixing to his new house. Problem free living is what they are looking for. 

Rental property

As you know, the better it looks the more money it rents for. Rebuilding a bathroom that does not leak secures good tenants that will stay. Do it right with great tiles adds value to the look of your rental property. 

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