PAINTING & DRYWALL WORK PAINTING & DRYWALL WORK Garage painting Wall repairs, Painting. New shelves installed. 196077889 Spring painting 2014 Garage Door - sand and paint Colour match perfection 191186285 Spring painting 2014 Garage Door - sand and paint Colour match perfection 2014 191186286 House For Sale Windows needed caulking and painting. House sold fast. 197263935 Paint and wall paper 173306835 Wall paper install 196077890 Deck refinishing Scrap, sand and painting. 173306836 One coat sealer - finsh Paint $60 paint - one coat did a great finish. 190731169 Crown molding and trims 173306837 Mix repairs and painting 2014 The list of odd jobs done not listed. Quite a mix and then to remember it all is another thing. 196077603 Spray painted fence. Quicky job. 196077909 Kitchen doors painted 178631148 Remove wall - wide open spaces Cut out old wall. 182957173 Aptment Building Painting 197264036 New inclosed office. New walls and Door. Painting. 182957171 Commercial painting 178632545 Dry wal plastering & Painting 190730933 Closet built with sliding doors 2014 Framing, drywall & plaster. With Door installed. 194569913 Build new new stairway & walls 190730766 Basement rental aptment 2014 New renal house, basement fixed to city codes for rental. 194918009 Refer to albums: - Service Calls - PAINTING & DRYWALL WORK - CARPENTRY WORK 185947673 New home owner 2014 Painting, Move down spout on eve's to front of house, fix bi-fold closet doors. And of course fix drywall plaster to smooth finish. 196077602 Finshed sanding and painting 197263791 New Dry wall Removed old mold drywall. New installed. Sold house. Requirement by new buyer. 197263789 New Family Room - basement All New Drywall installed. 185947674 New wall installed, Ceiling Drywall 2014 Basement aptments renovation 194569917 Insulation and Drywall & Plastering Cold Bed Room - had no insulation 2014 196077837 196077891 Main water valve - New Box Clover 197263790 Remove bulkheads - drywall 2014 198812426 199538256 199538475