Free TV and security camera Free TV and security camera Out of 55 channel possible- getting 53 When the sky is clear I can get max 53 channels. Working on better signal strength. 198826841 Digital converter for computers About $100. each. Record shows on your hard drive. WOW. Down side, there must of been a software upgrade or windows 10 killed it, the software does not work now a year later. Never really used it much. recorded stuff then forgot it was there on hard drive. 199537921 TV Antenna Something like what I have. Close enough. 199537922 Strong vs weak TV stations 199537923 Each Antenna costs about $60 Each Antenna costs about $60. X2 or even x3. Free TV - the old / new way to go....Yea... Bad weather means your channel will come in weak. That's why I have 2 Antenna on the room. 199537924 By-by rogers, By-by Bell. By-by rogers, By-by Bell. Hello Free channels, the old days never left. They are still here, alive and kicking harder then ever... Ah Man..... The higher the better. Get the best cable money can buy. 199537929 Feb -Why I Don't Do Bell Canada Feb 2016 bill statement: Outstanding balance Credit 1.00 Amount due: 2.36 (-1.00) = 1.36 due. Paid 10.00 extra for them to go to hell. Next month they may bill me interest on my credit again, and even more. Computer billing is so retarded. Customer service was worst, because computers don't lie. Consumer Complaints & Reviews 201139578 Jan - Why I Don't Do Bell Canada Jan 18 2016 bill statement: Outstanding balance $ 0.07 credit. Amount Due: $9.07 (due date Feb 8/16) paid Feb 3/16 $10.00 STILL OWE THEM $2.36 (-1.00) = 1.36 SCAM / SCAM /SCAM ALART Consumer Complaints & Reviews 201139579 Online TV programs - On demand viewing Youtube is good. Netflix , curiosity,, Some web sites are really good and others need more work. News sites give you one commercial for every video you watch. 201987503 curiosity Stream is good viewing No guns and violence programming. Learning is good for the brain. No junk programming. Not enough new programming. soon saw all videos and never renewed again. 201987513 NETFLIX is good There are programs without the guns and violence. Documentaries and nature / science programs. 201987788 201987518 shielded cables is a must Get the best money can buy. 201987967 Quad Coaxial Cable- shielded cables 201988002 Booster splitter X 8 Did I mention the boosting the signal strength... 201988044 201988045 201988017 C27 or better C920 web cam security record Tape up the camera to water proof it. Good or 2-3 years. Get a booster USB cable (active cable) for long lengths. Reset computer recordings every 8-12 hours. All recordings remain on computer till you delete them. 201988052