Is Climate change real - Oh yes.

Has man upset the balance of earth's greenhouse effect? Seeing is believing, learning is the key to understanding.

Study it well and you won't be fooled by those that are story tellers.

The charts that show long term changes are the ones you need to focus on. Short term charts get bumped around by many different varying cycles. Global average temperature readings have the advantage of filtering out local variations from place to place and year to year. Sea level even changes from place to place and will not read the same increase as with everywhere else. The sea floor may rise or drop too. Continents can rise and fall in areas as well.

 Getting books on geology and learning the history on the earth is important. Please note that not all geologists agree on many things and there are different interpretations.

Leave some doubt in your mind till you can personally see “real" proof for yourself. 

Question every interpretation as to be right or just a personal guess on the writers on the day.

Reading rocks is a fuzzy business. It is not an exact science and many low paying labs just don't have the right kind of long term experienced people doing the work. Many labs can give different readings. So with an ounce of caution do not put all your trust in every work that came out of another man’s mouth. Personal proof, seeing for yourself, believing because you know enough to confirm what he said is true is every important. Do not build for yourself a house of cards from what others tell you, only to find out much of it is not correct. Build on your own confirmations and not the stories written in books. 


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