Did you know that with windows 8 and 10 you don't really need virus software. It already has it thanks to Microsoft. In fact you're better off not using it, because it will slow down your computer.

Home Phone:

What ! you still have a home lane line!

For the same money you can get a cell phone that works like a computer. You can now Block calls on the cell phone, which you could never do with the land line, and Bell Canada was never any help with spam calls. 

Contractors with the perfect Price:

I've seen how contactors get back at you for squeezing them out of a good pay cheque. Plumbing pipes in the wall are not glued, wiring screws on plugs never cranked tight. The list can be endless. If you try to get someone to work for free you can expect to pay later in damages by shoddy work.  They will continue to do shoddy work for as long as they're not getting paid.

Lowest Quote gets the Job:

So you get 10 quote: Some are half the cost, might even get one third the cost of the highest quote.

I did one guys tiles for his basement. First RED FLAG was most of the contractors before me were the low price-second rate handyman. The house had a lot of shotty work in it. Next next time I see any house like that, I will just leave, not wasting my time they hagglers.

 Second RED FLAG was that he paid .99 cents for those shitty tiles. The last tiler paid 11.00 for a Bag of tile mortar. Nothing good can come out of a job with cheap materials. Tiles will crack, mortar will let go of tiles and flooring. It's going to cost you more now. All that you paid for is going into the dumpster and then some. If you're really stupid, you'll do it all over again thinking you were just unlucky with that last guy.

Third RED FLAG.  perfect Price Contractor - will use regular drywall for your shower. And will not buy and use a rubber shower membrane to create a leak proof shower.

Five Reasons Not To Buy An Extended Warranty

Buying a Home in Foreclosure: What You Need to Know

Solar power: Getting solar panels at retail prices like a $1.00 a Watt is a rip off.
So $1.00 per watt X (622.5 kWh) 622,500 watts used per month = $ 622,500.